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		                                    Welcome to the LJS		                                </span>
		                            <span class="slider_description">A vibrant, inclusive, diverse and egalitarian community in London. At our core is a belief in social justice and applying Jewish values to living ethical lives within the social, intellectual and environmental realities of the 21st Century. <br>
We welcome Jewish and non-Jewish partners, families & individuals to our hybrid & online services & events. <a href="">Click here to read our Vision and Values</a></span>

Share Shabbat with us

Join our online services on Youtube with thought-provoking sermons and wonderful music, followed by a community Kiddush on Zoom. Service times are: 6:45pm on Friday evenings, 11:00am on Saturday mornings.

Autumn Term Education

The LJS offers an exciting programme of learning and engagement for adults, known as The Learning Circle. Classes and groups occur throughout the week and on Shabbat mornings before the service, all taught by expert teachers.

Thought for the Week

This Shabbat, Rabbi  Igor ponders the meaning behind this week's Parashat Lech L'cha.
Do you believe in coincidence? Number ten seems to be a symbolic number in the book of Genesis and seems to appear many times in the narrative. With the ten utterances the world was created, there were ten generations from Adam to Noah and Rabbis count 10 tests that Abraham had to overcome. One possible count of Abraham’s trials is as follows: twice when...

The LJS Newsletter Septermber/October

Includes a fascinating conversation between Rabbis Alex and Igor on the festivals, and outlines our Yom Kippur Appeal charities. Learning opportunities are presented, including a new interfaith course and the Chavruta Project, and we update you on community news.

The LJS Heritage Trail

The LJS is a wonderfully diverse and international community, with our own or family roots in countries across the world. Read Ann and Bob's personal stories which have just been added. This project forms part of our celebration of the diversity and inclusivity of the LJS.

The LJS Yom Kippur Appeal 578/ 2021

This year we are supporting three wonderful charities:
The Cardinal Hume Centre in Westminster, Jewish Women’s Aid, and Neve-Shalom/ Wahat-al-Salaam Jewish/Arab village in Israel
Mon, 18 October 2021 12 Cheshvan 5782