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  Education for Adults

Adult education classes at the LJS


Our rich adult education programme includes Classical Hebrew classes at all levels and opportunities for learning and discussing Judaism and Jewish life.

If you have any questions, such as which Hebrew class is the right level for you, or whether a class is online, in person or hybrid, please email here.

All of our classes and courses are free for Members and Friends who have paid membership of the LJS. For non-members, termly fees are £120.00

To learn details of all of our adult education classes, click here.

Register for Shavuot (Summer) 2024 courses here.


To purchase The Prophets book, click here.

The Prophets Book 



Tuesday classes run 30 April – 9 July.
Please note there is no class on 28 May for half-term.

Wednesday classes run 1 May – 10 July. Half-term is 29 May.

Thursday classes run 2 May – 11 July. Half-term is 30 May.

Shabbat morning classes run 20 April – 6 July. Half-term is 25 May and 1 June.

Thu, 13 June 2024 7 Sivan 5784