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Becoming a Member of the LJS

Everyone is welcome to join The LJS, either as a Member, or as a Friend. We have membership rates for individuals, families and young adults

If you wish to join or if you have any questions about joining, please email Membership at or you can call 020 7432 1296

If you are interested in conversion to Judaism, please scroll down to ‘Choosing Judaism’, below

Friends of The LJS

The LJS was the first synagogue in the UK to invite non-Jewish partners and people who have identified with the Jewish community to associate themselves with us by becoming a ‘Friend’

Friends are welcome in all aspects of synagogue life (excluding a vote at general meetings) and their involvement and commitment to the synagogue is both encouraged and valued

In addition, the LJS remains one of the few synagogues in the UK which permits non-Jewish partners to be buried next to their Jewish partners at our cemetery in North West London. See the Cemetery section for more details

Choosing Judaism

We welcome any individual who wishes to become Jewish. If you are interested in conversion to Judaism, please contact one of the Rabbis via 020 7432 1283, or

Alternatively, you can attend a service and introduce yourself to the Rabbi or a member of the synagogue. Our conversion booklet goes into further detail about the process and can be viewed here

For security reasons, please contact the office on 020 7286 5181 so we can inform our security team of your visit. 

Annual Review

For further information about the LJS, please see our latest Annual Review by clicking below:


Mon, 25 October 2021 19 Cheshvan 5782