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LJS Chavruta


Rabbi Igor Zinkov has created an innovative study platform for establishing meaningful relationships through learning and discussion, among LJS Members and Friends across all ages - from 18 to 120!

The programme launches in November, but there will be continuous enrolment so you will be able to join whenever it suits you.

What is Chavruta?

Chavruta, literally ‘companionship’, traditionally describes Jews studying the meaning of a specific text within small groups. Through this method, two or three people endeavour to understand the passage and discuss how to apply it to their own lives. A great bonus is that studying together in this way often leads to the forming of long-standing friendships between the study companions.


The original concept has been adapted into a modern format for LJS Members and Friends to access by Rabbi Igor. The LJS Chavruta will encourage intriguing debates on how to apply traditional texts to our own lives using many of the different influences in our society such as modern and classical literature, poetry and, of course, music

How it works

Chavruta’s lead, Rabbi Igor, will form all participants into small groups and introduce them to each other. You can choose who you would like to study with or leave it to Igor.

Each month all participants will receive a selection of texts and questions to discuss with their study companions. 

You and your Chavruta group then choose a mutually convenient time to meet, virtually or in person, for a meeting of around an hour. During your get-together, you will read the texts, discuss them and answer the questions. However, you should not feel you that you need to limit your conversation to the study sheet and the questions provided, do feel free to move on to other areas, texts and topics. 

After the first two sessions i.e. after a couple of months, each group will have a feedback session with Igor to ensure that you are having a comfortable and meaningful experience.  At this point, each participant will also decide whether to continue studying within the same group or whether they would like a change and to join up with other study companions.

The LJS Chavruta Registration Form

The registration form will help us to match you to your best study companion. Please only provide as much information as you would like. The aim is to make Chavruta rewarding and enjoyable for everyone taking part.

Click here to register.

Mon, 6 December 2021 2 Tevet 5782