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Purim 2021/5781 at the LJS

A Purim Mask-erade or Who was Mrs Feather?

On Erev Purim at 8.00pm on Thursday 25 February 2021

This year we celebrated Purim with a difference as an interactive experience, where the audience decided the ending. 

You can watch this witty piece below. The story is given an interesting twist with the introduction of a special new character… and all written in iambic pentameter.



Rimon and Purim

Rimon prepared for the L’Dor va’Dor Purim family service, for which the students created some new liturgy. Taking inspiration from our siddur, our classroom studies and each other, each class composed and presented an original piece to add that special extra touch to the intergenerational service. 

And of course, there was some fancy dress! Every year, the children are asked to wear fancy dress and this year was no different, except that we focussed on hats. So watch our L’Dor va’Dor service full of home-made, home decorated, bought, borrowed or repurposed hats.  

L’Dor va’Dor service was on 27 February 2021.


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Reflections on Purim by Rabbi Alexandra Wright

Click article to enlarge. It was first published in the Jan/Feb 2021 newsletter


Tue, 7 February 2023 16 Sh'vat 5783