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Education for Adults - Course Details

We have a rich programme on offer which includes preparation for the High Holy Days, Classical Hebrew classes at all levels, and opportunities for learning and discussion about Judaism and Jewish life. We are starting a brand new course on Yiddish, and also a new short course with a range of distinguished speakers.

If you have any questions, such as which Hebrew class is the right level for you, or whether a class is online, in person or hybrid, please email: and one of the staff will respond in writing or give you a call back.

If you would like to sign up for a course, please click here or contact Please note that registration is online only.

Tuesday Conversations
Tuesday mornings 11.15am – 12.30pm

This friendly group is led by Rabbis Alexandra Wright and Igor Zinkov, and Dr Dov Softi, with the occasional guest speaker. Biblical and rabbinic texts as well as modern poetry and short stories are studied, and there are also sessions on Jewish art and music. New students are always welcome.




Understanding the Geography of the Torah
Tutor: Dov Softi
Tuesday evenings 5.45pm – 6.45pm

This course will focus on understanding the structure of the five books of the Torah. 

The class will have the opportunity to examine key Torah portions, adhering to the weekly Torah portions which are read at the LJS. Students will read the Torah portions, understand their meaning, and be able to see them in light of the bigger picture of the Torah. 

This course is suitable for those who can read Hebrew and have a basic understanding of biblical Hebrew, grammatical structure and basic knowledge of biblical Hebrew words. 


Classical Hebrew for Absolute Beginners
Tutor: Susannah Alexander
Tuesday evenings 7.00 – 8.00pm

If you know absolutely nothing about reading Hebrew but want to learn, this class is for you. Using Jonathan Romain’s Signs and Wonders (available for purchase from the LJS), this class will enable you to unlock the mystery of the Hebrew letters and start reading. Absolutely no previous experience is required, just regular attendance of this friendly and supportive class.



Understanding Biblical Hebrew
Tutor: Dr Dov Softi
Tuesday evenings 7.00 – 8.00pm

Participants in this course will follow the book Prayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way (available for purchase from the LJS) which focuses on understanding biblical and siddur (prayerbook) Hebrew. Participants will also read key Torah portions to increase their understanding of the Bible as well as their Hebrew vocabulary. Suitable for those who can read basic Hebrew.




Gaining Confidence in Hebrew
Tutor: Dr Sally Gold
Tuesday evenings 7.00 – 8.00pm

If you can read a little Hebrew, this supportive, informal class will help you to improve. We are reading the Abrahamic narrative in Bereishit (Genesis). Your reading is guided and at your own pace, and questions about the language and texts encouraged. Your confidence will grow with your skills and understanding, and you will be on the path towards greater enjoyment and participation in synagogue services, using the Siddur and Bible, and life-cycle events.



Tricks, Tests and Tears in the Story of Joseph
Tutor: Rabbi Alexandra Wright
Tuesday evenings 7.00 – 8.00pm

When Joseph’s brothers appear before him, they still do not recognise the younger brother they sold into slavery seventeen years earlier. He tests them to find out whether or not they have changed since they threw him into an empty pit. The build-up to the reconciliation is beautifully conceived. If you read Hebrew (even slowly) and want to build up vocabulary and a little bit of grammar, please join us for our rich discussion around the nuances of this story.



Exploring Judaism
Tutor: Rabbi Igor Zinkov
Tuesday evenings 8.10 – 9.15pm

Exploring Judaism is for people, including non-Jewish family members, who wish to know more about Judaism, Jewish history and the Jewish people. It is also an essential programme of instruction for people choosing Judaism by conversion. Class members are encouraged to read materials which will be put online during the year. In addition to offering knowledge of Judaism, the course encourages practical experiences of Liberal Judaism and space for reflection within the group.

Sukkot term syllabus
5 September: Exploring Jewish autumn festivals
12 September: Exploring Rosh Hashanah
19 September: Exploring Yom Kippur
26 September: No class
3 October: Exploring Sukkot and Simchat Torah
10 October: Jewish ethics, values and beliefs overview
17 October: The Jewish calendar, Rosh Chodesh and Shabbat
24 October: Exploring the Jewish bookshelf: Tanakh and Sefer Torah
31 October: Half-term
7 November: Exploring the Jewish bookshelf: rabbinic literature
14 November: Exploring the Jewish bookshelf: liturgy and prayerbook
21 November: Jewish history overview
28 November: Synagogue and home: home rituals and prayers
5 December: Exploring Chanukkah
12 December: Presentations from students


Classical Hebrew for Elementary Level Students
Tutor: Susannah Alexander
Wednesday evenings 7.00 – 8.00pm

This is a fun and supportive class for students who have completed a year of Beginners’ Hebrew or can already read a little Hebrew but would like to learn more. Starting with High Holy Day texts and moving on to key Torah portions, we will explore the texts that are the cornerstones of the Jewish year.




Women in the Bible
Tutor: Nitza Spiro
Shabbat mornings 9.45 – 10.45am

In this course we examine key female figures in the Bible, analysing their characters and roles in the context of psychology, sociology, politics and literature, often making comparisons with ancient texts of other cultures in that area and era.
Our discussions are in English, with texts read in Hebrew, enriching participants’ vocabulary and understanding of grammatical structure. Members of the group receive weekly guidance of words and topics to think about prior to each lesson, making the learning more effective. Should be of interest to men, too!



Learning with Texts
Facilitator: Michael Romain
Shabbat mornings 9.45 – 10.45am

This term we are approaching current issues and how our Jewish values and teachings may affect our approach to them. Classes will focus on subjects as varied as artificial intelligence, assisted dying, freedom of speech and censorship, and whether we should be vegan or vegetarian. The classes are led by the Rabbis and lay members of the class.

For a timetable with a list of subjects and class leaders, please contact Michael Romain: We welcome new members. Please note that the first class is Saturday 23 September.



Understanding Biblical Hebrew
Tutor: Dr Dov Softi
Shabbat mornings 

Participants in this course will follow the book Prayerbook Hebrew the Easy Way (available for purchase from the LJS) which focuses on understanding biblical and siddur (prayerbook) Hebrew. Participants will also read key Torah portions to increase their understanding of the Bible as well as their Hebrew vocabulary. Suitable for those who can read basic Hebrew.
Please note this course commences at 10.00am to allow parents of Rimon children to attend Tefillah.



The Future of…
Facilitator: Rabbi Dr Michael Hilton
Tuesday evenings 8.10 – 9.30pm in person at the LJS and online

We are delighted to announce that Rabbi Dr Michael Hilton, our scholar in residence, has put together a new course ‘The Future of…’ which will be on Tuesday evenings in October and November. The schedule is:
7 November: The Future of the Rabbinate – Rabbi Dr Deborah Kahn-Harris
14 November: The Future of the Yeshiva and Jewish Study – Rabbi Lev Taylor
21 November: The Future of Anglo-Jewry – Dr Jonathan Boyd
28 November: Rabbi Charley Baginsky
The 30-minute presentations will be followed by discussion.



Yiddish for Absolute Beginners
Tutor: Osian Evans Sharma
Thursday evenings at 7.00 – 8.00pm online
Eight classes: 12, 19 and 26 October, and 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 November.

Over a millennium, the Yiddish language grew from a regional Judeo-German dialect to the most common language for Jews around the world. With an introduction to conversation, grammar and literature, you can gain access to the treasures of Yiddish culture, stretching from Hasidic folktales to revolutionary anthems, kabbalistic melodramas to modernist poems. 



What is Chavruta?
Chavruta, which means ‘companionship’, is the study among small groups to uncover the meaning of specific texts. In doing so, we hope that our students gain a greater understanding of the passages and can apply it to their own lives. In studying together this way, long-standing friendships are often formed between study companions. The original concept has been adapted by Rabbi Igor Zinkov into a modern format for LJS Members and Friends. The LJS Chavruta encourages intriguing debates on applying traditional texts to our own lives using many of the different influences in our society, such as modern and classical literature, poetry, and music. 
How it works 
All participants are split into groups of 3-5 people. Each month, you receive a few texts and questions for study companions to discuss. Meetings can be virtual or in person and last for around an hour. For safeguarding reasons, in-person meetings can only be held at the LJS. There is no need to read texts or prepare anything in advance. The texts will be read and discussed during the session at a convenient time for each group. Conversations aren't limited to the study sheet and questions provided, and discussion into other areas, texts and topics is encouraged. After the first two sessions, each group will have a feedback session with Rabbi Igor, and participants can continue studying within the same group, or join up with other study companions. 
The LJS Chavruta Registration Form 
The LJS Chavruta is only available to Members and Friends of the LJS. The registration form helps us to match you to your best study companion. Please only provide as much information as you would like. The aim is to make Chavruta rewarding and enjoyable for everyone taking part.

Click here to register:

Tue, 28 November 2023 15 Kislev 5784