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Community Care Partners

There are a number of partner charities and organisations allied to the LJS to whom we've referred members and friends over the years. Please contact them if you or a loved one requires their services: 

Mental Health & Counselling


Jami is the specialist provider of mental health services in the Jewish community. If you have concerns about yourself or a loved one, you can contact Jami:
Phone: 020 8458 2223 or email

Jewish Care 

Jewish Care provides services to:
•    Older people
•    People with mental health needs
•    Holocaust survivors
•    People living with dementia
•    People who care for others who have a variety of needs – e.g. mental health, older people, people with disabilities
•    People with MS, Parkinson’s, strokes and those who are visually impaired
•    People who are bereaved and those recently separated
Helpline: 0208 922 2222
Email: helpline@jewishcare.org 

Jewish Helpline

If you’re feeling alone, anxious, depressed, suicidal – or simply in need of someone to talk to – their trained volunteers are here to support you. They will listen without judgement and your call is kept completely confidential. You do not have to give your name.
Phone: 0800 652 9249


A free service across the entire spectrum of the Jewish community.
The everyday burden of dealing with the practicalities of your household paperwork and bureaucracy can become intolerable in a time of crisis.
When you are feeling isolated, stressed and vulnerable, and you just can’t cope, the simplest of administrative tasks feel insurmountable and the daily practicalities take a back seat; often leading to unwelcome, additional pressure and intrusion in what can feel a bureaucratic and impersonal world.
The Paperweight Trust was launched in 2010 to provide practical guidance and support to those in crisis in the Jewish Community.
The service they offer is cross-communal. Clients range in age from their 20s to their 90s and all have found themselves in circumstances beyond their control and unable to cope with life’s daily ups and downs, particularly where organising their domestic affairs is concerned.
Paperweight offers time, guidance, confidentiality, experience and a good deal of common sense. They steer clients towards independence and give them the confidence to carry on with their lives.  They also endeavour to teach them how to avoid these pitfalls in the future and how to navigate their way through the bureaucratic maze.
Phone: 020 8455 4996
email: info@paperweight.org.uk 

Raphael Jewish Counselling

In February 2023, Raphael – The Jewish Counselling Service (CIO) – merged with Jami to provide counselling to more people and create additional scope to provide appropriate counselling to people with more complex mental health needs.

Raphael is a well-established counselling service whose broad-based services are available to individuals and couples in London and the Home Counties. Raphael depends on contributions from clients and all clients are expected to pay for sessions. There is a fee for the sessions with some concessions based on ability to pay.

To learn more please go to Raphael at Jami - Jami UK

Helping Women Overcome Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence

Jewish Women’s Aid

Jewish Women's Aid is the only specialist organisation in the UK supporting Jewish women and children affected by domestic abuse & sexual violence. No Jewish woman should have to face this alone.
Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0808 801 500
Sexual Violence Support Line: 0808 801 0656
Email:  clientsupport@jwa.org.uk

Help for Families, Children, and also for Adults with Disabilities


Norwood transforms the lives of over 4,000 vulnerable children and their families, adults with learning disabilities and autism, and children with special educational needs.
Parent Advisory Telephone Helpline (known as PATH)
If you are a parent, carer or teacher, you can call for a free confidential discussion with a qualified professional. You can discuss your concerns about a child or young person either at home or at school, including their:
•     Learning
•     Development
•     Behaviour
•     Social issues
•     Emotional issues
The service provides initial support and advice, exploring possible ways forward. This can include information about referrals and services, at Norwood or elsewhere, that might be useful to you.
Phone: 0208 809 8809

Physical Health

Chai Cancer Care

Chai Cancer Care is the Jewish community’s national cancer support organisation, enabling patients, family and friends to manage the impact of a cancer diagnosis. They provide expert physical, emotional and practical support delivered with care and sensitivity, and in complete confidence.
Helpline : 0808 808 4567 

The Jewish Deaf Association

Support and advice for those with hearing loss. JDA is dedicated to supporting everyone who is deaf or hard of hearing - people of all faiths and none, at all stages of life.
The JDA is an independent, national charity offering professional support services, information and a range of social, cultural and educational programmes to the Deaf community, people with all levels of hearing loss, people experiencing Tinnitus, their friends, families and those caring for them.
Phone: 020 8446 0502 (voice)
Phone: 020 8446 4037 (text)
Phone: 020 8446 0214 (Technology & Information Centre - voice, textphone, answerphone)
Fax: 020 8445 7451
email: mail@jdeaf.org.uk 
JDA, Julius Newman House, Woodside Park Road, North Finchley, London N12 8RP


JNETICS is a charity which offers screening for genetic disorders. Their clinic, in partnership with the NHS, offers carrier screening for 47 of the most common and severe Jewish Genetic Disorders.
Phone: 020 8158 5123
email: info@Jnetics.org

Helping Holocaust Survivors and Refugees, and Spreading Antisemitism Awareness

The Association of Jewish Refugees

The Association of Jewish Refugees is the national charity supporting Holocaust refugees and survivors living in Great Britain. Primarily providing social, welfare and care services, the AJR also has a nationwide network of regional groups offering members a unique opportunity to socialise in their local area. Members receive support from volunteers and can obtain advice and assistance on welfare rights as well as on Holocaust reparations. The AJR is committed to the education of future generations about the Holocaust and is the UK’s largest dedicated funder of programmes and projects which promote teaching and learning about the Holocaust.
Phone: 020 8385 3070
Email: enquiries@ajr.org.uk

Career, Employment & Business Advice

Have you lost your job? Is your business in difficulties? At the LJS, we are very aware that many congregants are facing financial hardship and unemployment. Two Jewish not-for-profit organisations are here to help:


Resource is a free and confidential service, providing expert tailored advice, mentoring and training – empowering people of all ages to win the right job.
Resource provides support through: 
•    Helping individuals meet the challenge of returning to work – whatever the reasons for absence 
•    Offering one-to-one practical advice from Advisors who are professional HR and business experts 
•    Providing advice on what is currently happening in the job market 
•    Ensuring each person produces a professional and effective CV 
•    Helping rebuild individual’s confidence and fine tune their interview skills  
•    Running a wide range of workshops to improve the job search 
•    Operating a networking department that matches clients’ experiences and aspirations with vacancies offered by Resource’s extensive contacts 
Phone: 020 8346 4000
Email: office@resource-centre.org 

Work Avenue

Work Avenue gives support to those setting up and running businesses as well as those looking for work. 
Their mission statement is ‘To help people become financially independent’.
Quoting from their website,
“Work Avenue is a charity that aims to provide people in the community with essential lifelong skills to support themselves and their families by:
•    Providing advice and guidance to support people into or back into work
•    Placing people into suitable employment
•    Training people with contemporary and commercial skills
•    Increasing the success rate and long-term sustainability of new and existing businesses
•    Providing a supportive shared workspace for entrepreneurs”.

Work Avenue recently established a bursary scheme for people looking to retrain or gain new qualifications.
Phone: 020 8371 3280
Email: reception@theworkavenue.org.uk

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